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Last Updated: May 11, 2016


To report someone who is not a member and trespassing
please contact a board member or the sheriff at (307) 682-7271




everyone is welcome!

Meeting are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 7 o'clock at night taking place at Double Z Production shop (3002 E 2nd St). Additional meetings are held before a race event.



Race Help

If you are interested in helping at one or all of our races this season, we always need it! Please email us at powderbasinmx@yahoo.com for how best to get involved. You make all the difference!



Download the most recent bylaws here.


Rules of PBMI

1. Only current PBMI members are allowed to participate in any motorized activity.
2. Four wheelers are allowed to ride on the designated 4-wheeler track only.
3. Three wheelers are prohibited.
4. Riding outside of PBMI complex boundary is prohibited.
5. Ride track in designated directions only.
6. Helmets and goggles are required at all times. Proper riding gear is strongly recommended.
7. Lock gate upon entering and upon leaving the complex.
8. PBMI may close the complex on days when riding may interfere with other Camplex events.
9. Silencers are required on all motorcycle’s and ATV’s.
10. All motorcycle’s and ATV’s must be properly maintained.
11. Riding alone is strongly discouraged.
12. Minors(under 18) are required to be supervised by adult.
13. Ride/drive slowly when in parking area/ pit area.
14. Comply with all posted PBMI rules at the complex.
15. Riding/driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.
16. Allowing or assisting non-members to ride at the track is absolutely prohibited.
17. Loaning or any manner allowing his/her key to be utilized by any person that is not a current member is prohibited.
18. Last 20 minutes of every hour will be designated for 65cc and smaller bikes.

Any member in violation of these or any other posted rules may result in membership being suspended or revoked at the discretion of PBMI officers. At its sole discretion, PBMI reserves the right to have anyone removed from the premises who violates any PBMI complex rule including; rules in membership paperwork, posted rules at complex and event rules. Any person that commits an unsafe act toward any fellow members or spectator may be removed from the complex.


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